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Getting Started

If you or your team are ready to commit to designing and completing a SOCIAL ACTION project, you should first contact our Social Action Coordinator, Klarissa Brenneman at  Once you have talked about your ideas the steps are as follows:


Meet with the Social Action Librarian Alyssa Wright. Alyssa will walk you through the process of building your problem out and determining exactly what you would like your project to look like. You will leave with a problem statement that will clarify what you would like to accomplish.


Meet with the Social Action Sponsor. This sponsor will help you build your team of experts. We will then assist you in organizing a team meeting where you will gather the resources you need to complete your project.


Our experts and your sponsor will continue to help you complete your project!


Once complete, we will give you the platform to present this project to the community and record it for future use and reference.