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Student Action Clinic provides the opportunity and space to:


  • Develop important citizenship qualities
  • Integrate skills in evaluating personal values to take action and help achieve a sustainable future
  • Release raw passion
  • Shape passion into intelligent, well-formed action
  • Connect to experts and community to carry out passion with integrity
  • Provide reflection and reporting to further promote social issues
  • Build relationships with corporations or businesses in field/passion area
  • Network with alumni who are likeminded in missions and skills


  • Collaborate in community focused research
  • Design best practice/high impact best practices in community-based learning
  • Build social enterprise
  • Bring in grant funding for research and engagement
  • Develop sustainable relationships across the state and nation that improves the quality of life for West Virginians
  • Creatively brainstorm ideas in a space designed to move WV towards solving community problems