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Kristi Wood-Turner

Advocacy and Awareness

Kristi Wood Turner

Advocacy and Awareness

Dr. Wood-Turner is the Director for the West Virginia University Center for Service and Learning. She received her Doctorate in the field of Educational Leadership Studies at WVU with a focus in Higher Education Administration. She has a Master of Arts in Applied Social Research and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

Dr. Wood-Turner advocates for the success of first generation WV college students like herself. Through raising three children, working full time and going to school full time, she recognizes the grit and determination needed to reach your goals. As Director of the Center for Service and Learning at WVU, Dr. Wood-Turner has created numerous forward thinking community engagement programs.

Most successfully, she is the founding director of a 20 plus member AmeriCorps program, the innovative Social Action Clinics, and a field leading Community Partner Program. With 18 years of experiences in both Academic and Student Affairs, with nontraditional and traditional students, teaching on campus and online, and leadership on 3 local community boards, Kristi not only promotes but engages in the best practice of community engagement for lifelong learning.